StarLink3™ Universal 3/4G GSM Radio - AT&T



Future-Proof, Field-Upgradable Communication Technology - SLE-GSM Series are the only alarm communicators in the category field upgradable, allowing them to adapt to progressions in network technology. As cell carrier networks change to 4G to 6G……and so forth, a dealer can simply update a StarLink™ Future-Proof Radio to the prevailing xG-Network by replacing the plug-in radio module. There will never be a need to replace the entire radio to move to the latest technology!

  • Full event reporting from any panel, anywhere*, field-proven to work virtually anywhere in US, on Panels using Contact ID or 4/2.
  • Incredibly affordable enough to standardize on for primary or backup reporting on every account
  • Cost-Saver Upgrade Program - Upgrade to StarLink3 from Competitive 2G Radios
  • Easiest 4-Wire Installation & Activation - Just Enter a Radio ID we do the rest - with Dialer Capture ( no entering phones nos., formats, account nos.)
  • Reports to any Central. NO special equipment._ NO radio activation fee.
  • Bonus: Full High-Speed Napco Panel remote uploading/ downloading (Requires sep. cable.)
  • Phone App for Remote Arm/Disarm any panel brand w/ keyswitch input. Also email/text message (option)
  • Future-Proof Plug-In, Upgradable Communicators - Napco SLe-Series Radios will continue to conform to_progressions in carrier networks for your peace of mind, and your accounts’ 5G
  • Takeover Feature - Easily captures any panel’s existing CS phone number and allows you to reroute it to another central station without going to the panel
  • Primary or Backup Alarm Communications –Backup Mode supervises telco and only sends GSM reports when it’s not functioning
  • Optional Smart Charger Module for use when panel aux power is at a premium and/or for optimized radio mounting locations up to 100’ from the panel
    Family / Series
  • StarLink™
  • $50 Service Credit Upon Activation when replacing any other radio
  • 3 Year NQA (No Questions Asked) Warranty
  • No Activation Fee
    Package Includes
  • Dual band high-efficiency antenna
  • AT&T SIM card

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