Videofied XT Com/Resi Panel w/Ethernet/IP only (NO cellular)



The Ethernet-only W Panel is designed for securing residential and small commercial properties where an Ethernet/IP or Wi-Fi connection is available. Modular expansion allows for:

Wi-Fi communication to central station (see WWB100 Wi-Fi Board)

Inputs and outputs for upgrades to existing burglar alarm systems and integration with third-party devices (see WIO100 Input/Output Board)

A wired indoor siren (WIS100 Wired Siren) that can be attached to the panel or detached

  • Programming: An alphanumeric keypad (XMA621 or WMB621) or the Frontel Installer Software (with the TMT USB Programming Kit) is required for programming and maintenance
  • Communication to devices: 915 MHz RF (military grade, spread spectrum, AES encrypted)
  • RF range: 250-500 ft (varies largely by building type and environment)
  • Communication to central station: Ethernet/IP (Dynamic or Static), Wi-Fi (with WWB100 Wi-fi Board)
  • Power option: PP5 (12V DC power adapter), PP6 (USB power supply)
  • Operating temperature range: +14/+131 °F (-10/+55 °C)
  • Wireless zones: 25 (1 installer keypad + 24 devices)
  • Wired inputs: 1 programmable/arming (WIO100 Input/Output Board required)
  • Wired outputs: 2 programmable (WIO100 Input/Output Board required)
  • Arming modes: 3 (stay, away, perimeter)
  • Partitions: 2
  • Arming options: Alpha keypad (XMA621, WMB621), Prox Tag Arming Station (BR651), Remote (RC601), scheduled arming, VideoApp4All smartphone app, existing burglar alarm panel relay t
  • User/access codes: 50 (1 installer + 49 end users)

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