System Sensor

Conventional 4 Wire Reflective Imaging Beam Smoke Detector

System Sensor


Conventional 4 Wire Reflective Imaging Beam Smoke Detector

• Combined transmitter/receiver unit
• Wide 12° field of view
• Fast, easy, and intuitive beam alignment indicated by directional LED cross-hair arrows
• Long range coverage of 5-100 m (16-328 ft) is standard; no separate long-range kit required
• Highly resistant to building movement; tolerates +/- 1° movement
• Resistant to strong light sources; does not alarm when saturated by sunlight
• Resistant to solid object intrusion
• Automatic sensitivity threshold level setting
• 50° horizontal and 20° vertical beam adjustment
• Built-in imager heater is standard
• Remote test station capable for electronic simulated smoke test from ground level
• Standby, fault and alarm LED indicators visible from the front and bottom
• Automatic drift compensation
• Paintable housing/cover
• Removable plug-in terminal blocks
• Optional heater kit available for the reflector

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