Honeywell Commercial Security

Vista Turbo Comm Fire/Burg Control 8-32 Zone 12V

Honeywell Commercial Security
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Vista Turbo Comm Fire/Burg Control 32 Zone 12V
• Eight hardwired zones standard, expandable to 32 using V-Plex addressable zones
• Supports up to 32 wireless zones
(fewer if using hardwired and/or V-Plex zones)
• Can control two separate areas
independently (2 partitions)
• Common lobby partition – auto arm or disarm based upon assigned partitions
• Master partition – used for viewing status of all partitions
• Supports commercial wireless fire and burglary devices
• Stores up to 512 events
• Accommodates 75 user codes and up to 250 access card holders using VISTAKEY®
• Supports V-Plex addressable
VISTAKEY access control
(1 to 8 doors)
• Two on-board NACS delivering
a total of 2.3A @ 12V
• Automatic smoke detector sensitivity
maintenance testing
• Four-wire smoke reset using on-board Form C relay
• Supports Dynamic Signaling for AlarmNet communicators
• Supports Internet and GSM alarm reporting
• Supports graphical user interfaces for burglary use

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